With most smartphones having a decent-quality camera on-board nowadays, photos have become part of our daily life. If you like showing off your photos, you'll appreciate the gallery functionality included with Publii and powered by Photoswipe.

Why Photoswipe? Because it puts value on the same attributes as Publii; speed and functionality combined. Photoswipe creates responsive galleries that work on all devices and screen sizes, and it has full touch support so you can open, zoom and switch images with just a few gestures.

Not only is it intuitive, but it's fast too. Photoswipe implements many features to get users to the photos they want as quickly as possible. Lazy-loading preloads images, and if the connection isn't the best it can display them progressively or use the thumbnail as a placeholder while loading finishes. Should things take a little longer than expected, a smart loading indicator will kick in to let users know that the photos are on their way!

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